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Golf tours

Golf in Iceland? You bet! Iceland has around 90 golf courses, not bad for a nation of only 350.000 people. Usually the courses are closed during winter until around mid-May and are open until mid-October, weather permitting.


For our golf tour services, we have selected some of the best courses in Reykjavik and its vicinity, enabling you to be based in Reykjavik and play a new course each day.


All our selected courses have their own unique characteristics but there are some features that all courses in Iceland share in common:

  • They are ‘natural’, meaning they follow the landscape and are not excessively engineered.

  • They are all ‘open’ in the sense that you have great views of the natural surroundings from almost all holes.

  • This ‘openness’ of the courses means that wind always comes into play, adding to the challenge.


Have you played golf at midnight? No? Well, that is something that should be on your bucket-list. And now you have the chance to tick that off your list. We can arrange midnight rounds at all the selected golf courses.


Want to play more than one course per day? No problem. We can put together ‘packages’ that include two or three courses per day.


Want to try something really unique? Two of our selected courses (Oddur Golf Course and Keilir Golf Course) are partially located in lava fields and one (Hveragerdi Golf Course) actually has geothermal hot springs on the course itself, offering surroundings and challenges that most golfers have never experienced before.


You can also easily combine golf and sight-seeing. See our selection of day tours or ask us to put something together based on your time frame and interests.

Travelling with a spouse or partner that does not play golf? Let us take care of them, we will take them on a tailor-made sight-seeing tour while you play your round. No worries, we promise to be back before you finish the 18th.


Included in the price of all our golf tours:

  • Tee time booking

  • Green fees

  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off, trips to and from the golf course

  • Smooth ride in our luxury Land Rover Discovery SUV

  • English-speaking guides who are happy to share their knowledge and answer all your questions

  • Fuel

  • Light snacks and drinks (sandwiches, fruit juice and more) during the round

  • No hidden fees, for the trip you pay only for what you see on our booking page


Optional at no extra charge, subject to availability:

  • Airport pick-up and drop-off 

  • A ‘golf buddy’ will accompany you on the course, ready to be of assistance

  • Tailor-made sight-seeing for those in your company that do not play golf, while you play your round


What is not included:

  • Airfare

  • Accommodation

  • Meals

  • Equipment rentals (buggies, trolleys, clubs)


Why choose us?

  • All the selected golf courses in our collection are within a short drive of Reykjavik, meaning you spend less time travelling and more time playing golf.

  • The short distances mean you can visit more than one course a day if you want.

  • The short distances also mean that it is perfect to be based in the same hotel in Reykjavik for several days and still be able to play all the selected courses, again allowing you to spend more time playing golf and less time travelling.

  • Midnight golf? Now that would be something to write home about! We can arrange midnight rounds at all the selected golf courses.

  • We can offer tailor-made sight-seeing tours for those in your company that do not play golf while you enjoy your round.

  • Interested in combining golf and sight-seeing? No problem! In addition to our standard sight-seeing tours we can easily tailor-make sight-seeing days to supplement your golf days.


Golf Course

40 minutes from Reykjavik

Prices from EUR 156 pr. person

This golf course is built on rather flat land with rocky hills, bunkers, water and trees which makes the course demanding and interesting. 

Korpan 01.jpg

Grafarholt & Korpa Courses

15 minutes from Reykjavik

Prices from EUR 168 pr. person

The Grafarholt course is recognized as Iceland´s premier championship venue and has hosted many European and Nordic tournaments.


Golf Course

15 minutes from Reykjavik

Prices from EUR 158 pr. person.

This course has a lovely view over the city and in the distance, we see the glacier Snæfellsjökull made famous in Jules Verne’s book Journey to the centre of the Earth.


Golf Course

1 hour, 15 minutes from Reykjavik

Prices from EUR 196 pr. person

The course is not too long, yet narrow and has a lot of trees and water in play which makes the course very demanding and interesting to play. 

Hveragerdi 05.jpg

Golf Course

30 minutes from Reykjavik

Prices from EUR 118 pr. person

The Hveragerdi course is renowned for its beautiful surroundings and known for very unusual hazards as there are open geothermal hot springs on the course.

Oddur 03.jpg

Golf Course

15 minutes from Reykjavik

Prices from EUR 168 pr. person

This course is located in beautiful surroundings just next to one of Reykjavik’s nature conservation areas, surrounded by lava.

01 Brautarholt 08.jpg

Golf Course

30 minutes from Reykjavik

Prices from EUR 203 pr. person

The Brautarholt Golf Course lies in breath-taking nature. Ranked 40 on the best golf-courses list in Scandinavia according to GolfDigest Magazine. 

Keilir 02.jpg

Golf Gourse

15 minutes from Reykjavik

Prices from EUR 170 pr. person

The Keilir Golf Course is about skill and accuracy over power and distance, particularly when dealing with the lava field in the front nine.

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