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The Westman Islands

The Westman Islands

The Westman Islands is a group of islands located off the mainland’s south coast. The largest island, and the only one habited is Heimaey with a population of 4.400 people. Hunting and fishing are the traditional mainstays of the island's economy as well as tourism in recent years.


We start by driving east from Reykjavik along the main Ring Road. When we reach Seljalandsfoss waterfall we will stop and admire its beauty before we head down to the nearby Landeyjahöfn port, where we catch the ferry to Heimaey island. After only 30 minutes sailing, we dock in Heimaey where we get to learn all about the powerful volcanic eruption  in 1973 that forced the locals to flee their beloved island in the dead of night. We see the lava that flowed in the eruption and hike up the towering Eldfell volcano that formed in the eruption.


As well as visiting the places listed below, we visit various locations around the island, absorbing the unique atmosphere of this remarkable island. We might even try to “spranga” a local version of abseiling.


Please note: The Landeyjahöfn port is sometimes closed because of weather or harbour conditions. If this happens the tour will be cancelled and refunded in full.


Our recommended stops:

  • Seljalandsfoss waterfall

  • Eldheimar, interactive exhibition focusing on the 1973 volcanic eruption in Heimaey

  • The massive lava flow from the 1973 eruption

  • Eldfell volcano crater

  • Stafkirkjan Norwegian stave church. This is a replica of the first wooden church to be erected in the Westman Islands and which was built, just before the adoption of Christianity in 1000 AD, by envoys of King Olaf Tryggvason of Norway.

  • The Elephant rock formation

Westman Islands day tour

The Westman Islands

Duration: 12 hours

Availability: May 1 - September 30

Departure: At the time of your choosing but no later than 10:00

Private tour for up to 4 persons:

€1219 / $1298 / £1077

RideShare pr. seat:

€406 / $432 / £359

Hit the Book button below to reserve your dates. No payment is needed at this point. You can cancel at any time.

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What is RideShare?

If you are travelling alone or with one or two others, and therefore not filling four seats, and if you are willing to share the ride with others, you can choose the RideShare option.

All RideShare tours will be cancelled if we cannot fill all four seats. We will inform you s soon as all four seats are filled and the tour will proceed as planned. We will also let you know should the tour be cancelled.

All cancelled tours will be refunded in full.

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