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Reykjanes Volcanic Eruption

Reykjanes Volcanic Eruption

The latest volcanic eruption in the Reykjanes Peninsula, near Mt. Litli Hrútur, is the third one in the peninsula in the last three years. 


The eruption gives us a remarkable opportunity to witness how our planet is ever-changing. Here Mother Nature has conveniently located this eruption only a 45-minute drive from Reykjavik and an even shorter distance from KEF international airport.

Luckily the eruption itself is small in scale, meaning you will be able to experience a volcanic eruption in a much closer and safer way than is usually the case with volcanic eruptions.

The total duration of our tour is approx. 7 hours and includes a 2 hour walk (one way) on a fairly easy hiking trail. Parts of it are very rough though and there are a couple of steep slopes. Therefore this hike is not recommended for unexperienced hikers.


Included in our services for this tour:

  • We pick you up at your hotel or airport in our luxurious SUV.

  • Your safety is our prime concern: 

    • The hike will be over rough terrain and when we reach the eruption site we need to stay safe from poisonous gasses and other dangers. Therefore, before the hike starts, we have a short safety briefing to ensure an accident free hike and a safe stay.

    • Our guide will walk with you all the way and stay with you at the site at all times to keep you safe.

  • We provide energy bars and drinks so no one gets hungry or dehydrated during the tour.

  • To make your hike less strenuous and safer, we provide walking poles for the whole group, if needed.

  • We drop you off at your hotel or airport.


Please note:

  • The eruption is a natural phenomenon, it can change without notice at any time; the eruption can either stop or even become too dangerous to visit. In addition, the authorities can without notice close the area off altogether due to weather conditions and public safety. If we are unable to reach the site we will offer you a choice of a refund* or an option of another tour in our collection.

*Due to our payment gateway provider's terms and conditions we can only refund 90% of the tour price once a payment has been made.


Reykjanes Volcanic Eruption

Duration: Approx. 7 hours

Availability: While the eruption lasts

Departure: At your convenience

Private tour for up to 4 persons:

€475 / $522 / £405

Hit the Book button below to reserve your dates. No payment is needed at this point. You can cancel at any time.

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