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The Reykjanes Peninsula is one of our favourite places to visit. What draws us there again and again is the unbelievable variation in the landscape and ever surrounding evidence of volcanic activity. And it is also easy to reach, a mere 30 minutes' drive from Reykjavik and you are at lake Kleyfarvatn, our fist destination on the Reykjanes Peninsula tour.


The Reykjanes Peninsula is where the Mid-Atlantic Ridge rises above sea level. The ridge is a 65,000km long mid-ocean ridge that encircles the earth like a seam of a baseball, where American and European tectonic plates are slowly drifting apart.


Reykjanes is home to many important geological formations, some of which are utterly unique, including numerous types of volcanoes in at least four separate volcanic zones, with hundreds of open fissures and faults. You can read the area’s geological history several hundred thousand years back in time, although most of the strata are less than 100–200 thousand years old. The last series of eruptions on the Reykjanes Peninsula began around AD 1000 and ended 250 years later.

Reykjanes Peninsula

  • This tour is available both in RideShare or as a Private Tour.

    Private tour for up to 4 persons: €399 / $469 / £339

    RideShare pr. seat: €139 / $159 / £119

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