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The famous J Balvin relaxing in Iceland

The celebrities continue to make Iceland their favourite. The latest addition is the Columbian musician J Balvin who visited Iceland recently, according to his Instagram account where he has posted photos from a visit to the Blue Lagoon and from a snow mobile tour to the Icelandic Highlands.

J Balvin in the Blue Lagoon

J Balvin seems to have had a relaxing time during the trip and as of this writing around 2 million followers have liked his Instagram post from the Blue Lagoon.

Don't know who J Balvin is? He is a tremendously popular singer and rapper with more than 35 million followers on Instagram. One of his most popular song is “I like it” which he made with Cardi B. The video of that song has had more than a billion views.

Do you want to visit the Blue Lagoon? Blackbird Personal Tours offers day tours to the Reykjanes Peninsula where we can easily add a visit to the Blue Lagoon if you wish.

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