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The Landmannalaugar tour takes us to one of the most popular sights in the Icelandic highlands.


On this tour we drive east from Reykjavik and then head north, passing the mighty Hekla volcano, once said to be the entrance to hell itself. We visit Thjofafoss waterfall, Tröllkonuhlaup rapids and more, but we must be careful not to lose track of time because we want to have the opportunity to do some hiking upon reaching Landmannalaugar. 

Once there we will enjoy the rich colours, the otherworldly landscapes and the most adventurous in the group may want to bathe in the natural hot spring.


Our recommended stops:

  • Thjofafoss waterfall

  • Tröllkonuhlaup rapids

  • Ljótipollur crater

  • Frostastadavatn lake



Duration 12 hours

Availability: June 15 - August 15

Departure: No later than 8:00

Private tour for up to 4 persons:

€1053 / $1127 / £920

Hit the Book button below to reserve your dates. No payment is needed at this point. You can cancel at any time.

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