Fjallabak Highlands

& Mt. Mælifell

The Fjallabak Highlands
& Mt. Mælifell

Fjallabak literally means “Behind the mountains”. There are two such trails, the northern one and the southern one. We are talking about the southern one.

This is by far our favourite highland route. We try to take this route personally each summer, just the two of us or with close friends. In our opinion this highland route combines all the things we seek when going onto the highlands: The unbelievable raw beauty, unspoilt nature, the never-ending variation in scenery, the oneness with nature, and extreme river fording and off-roading.

We start off by driving east along the south coast but soon head inland with Hekla volcano on our left and Eyjafjallajokull volcano on our right. Soon we are officially on the Fjallabak trail. We traverse the trail for several hours, stopping often to take photos and admire the scenery, the picturesque Mælifell mountain being just one of the many interesting sights on the Fjallabak trail.


Finally, we are back in “civilization” as we head down from the highlands towards the to south shore and the main road, heading back to Reykjavik.


Please note the following:

This route is only an option if the trail is officially open. It can be closed due to weather or trail conditions, especially in early or late summer.

Due to the delicate situation of the trail and of the highland vegetation, we only go on this trip under suitable weather conditions. If the weather conditions are not suitable we will cancel all bookings and provide a full refund.

The route can be shortened by several hours by turning off the trail roughly midway and heading down the Fljotshlid area to the main road on the south shore. Should you choose this option, the price is reduced to the same as our 8-hour tours.


The raw, unspoilt nature of Iceland is the cor of our Fjallabak Highlands day tour

Fjallabak Highlands

Duration: 12 hours

Availability: June 15 - August 15

Departure: No later than 8:00

Private tour for up to 4 persons:

€799 / $929 / £679

RideShare pr. seat:

€269 / $309 / £229

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What is RideShare?

If you are travelling alone or with one or two others, and therefore not filling four seats, and if you are willing to share the ride with others, you can choose the RideShare option.

All RideShare tours will be cancelled if we cannot fill all four seats. We will inform you s soon as all four seats are filled and the tour will proceed as planned. We will also let you know should the tour be cancelled.

All cancelled tours will be refunded in full.